At Campus Offices you can focus on your business, while we take care of housing and its supporting facilities. We offer small furnished offices, but large office spaces as well, starting at 20m2 to thousands of squared meters.

Lease- and cancellation period

We do not utilise long lease periods unless you wish to do so. At Campus Offices you lease your office for an indefinite period and the cancellation notice is defined by the size of the leased office space. This also concerns the office furniture. This way growing and shrinking your business is very easy. 

Service costs and hospitality services

We maintain fixed costs for the service costs and hospitality services, so there are no unexpected additional costs. The utilisation of various furnished common areas in the offices is included in the lease.

In addition to the usual service costs, we provide the following hospitality services:

  • Social Heart, with meeting rooms, lunchroom, and meeting places.
  • Unlimited coffee/tea and flavoured water
  • Internet access through WI-FI
  • Daily fresh lunch for affordable prices
  • Intelligent access to the office by using digital locks
  • Use of common areas
  • Presence of an Office Hero (host/hostess)
  • Cleaning of the leased office space (weekly)
  • Sensors in every office space (temperature, humidity, and lighting)

Office Furnishing

If need be, the office space could be delivered turnkey, including (office)furniture. The floors and walls of all offices have all been renewed, which means that they are ready to use. You can decorate your office easily with the collection of timeless office furniture selected by us. Of course, it is possible to arrange the office furnishing yourself or add elements to the furniture we provided to personalise the interior.

It is possible to furnish larger office spaces with the selected furniture from Campus Offices. Based on a by the landlord provided furnishing budget of € 200 per m2, there is a choice of:

  • Sit/standing desks (manual or electric)
  • Desk chairs (NEN-standardised)
  • Phonebooths
  • Roomdividers
  • Boxes to use as concentration/presentation rooms (various sizes)
  • Conference tables and chairs
  • Couches and chairs
  • Seats

While furnishing the offices, you can choose from various workplaces (combination of desk and chair) from basic to deluxe.

We can deliver all of this within one workweek (5 days), which creates the opportunity to be operative within a short period of time. 


We maintain fixed prices for the office spaces based on the size of the offices. The available offices are shown per location. Naturally, it is possible to lease and furnish an office space based on your needs as well. When choosing a custom office, the prices are structured as follows:

  • Lease price: dependent on the location
  • Service costs: € 39,- per m2/year
  • Hospitality services: € 39,- per m2/year
  • Optional: workspot (desk and chair): starting at €19 to €39 per month